Credit Score Woes

So I always wondered about my credit score.  I only ever had one credit card that I wasn’t concerned about since it’s through a local credit union.  Being from there, they don’t do late penalties unless you’re like 6 months behind which I NEVER was unfortunate enough to have.  So what did I have to worry about?  I should have a pretty damn good credit score right?


My wonderful score was a measly 655.  How in the hell was it so low?  What did I do? What did I miss?  I paid my credit card off, I paid my bills if I had any.  If I was ever late on anything I always called and made sure that it wouldn’t impact my score and was always assured it didn’t.  So what went so horribly wrong to make me have such a shit score??

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Well apparently I have 2 late payments out of 87.  Now these stem from all the way back since my credit history was established.  I have no idea where they came from.  My only saving graces are that I have 18 lines of credit established due to school loans and I just recently raised my credit limit which made my utilization factor go down by 50%.  So my biggest obstacles right now aren’t too bad.  After studying up on what to do, I have paid down the remaining balance and left $1 on the card because whatever idiot I blindly believed about keeping half of the balance on the card deserves to be shot.  That move cost me a small fortune in interest and docked valuable points off my credit score.

But it’s all good!  I have a plan in motion and as of now my credit score is 675 and rising.

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