My 2014 Stocks: Part 1

My 2014 stocks are MY choices and are based off personal research. I don’t know what YOU should buy, but I’ll tell you what I look for and what I buy!  Surely you didn’t think a self

Wall Street Bull 300x225 My 2014 Stocks: Part 1

2014 stocks! You mess with the bull, you get the horns!

taught investor would just tell you what to buy and let you become a millionaire alongside him…or a broke failure? Or did you?  Remember, I’m not a CFP, CFA or any kind of broker so take whatever you want from this with a grain of salt please.

But I guess I’ll let you know what I’m betting on this year!


1. Blackstone Group
Ticker Symbol: BX
Bought: $27.29
Sell Target: $50.00
Why did I buy this?  Blackstone has been my stronghold through half of 2013 and I plan on letting that dividend and their huge success rate with company revamps to IPO’s let them be my lead dog towards a bigger bank account.  I’ve ridden a few waves with them and I am extremely confident that I got in at a GREAT price compared to what I think the company is worth.

2. Lorillard
Ticker Symbol: LO
Bought: $48.53
Sell Target: $65.00
Why did I buy this?  I don’t necessarily like HUGE, number one, best in the business stocks, so I chose the third largest tobacco company.  Phillip Morris and British Tobacco have too many eyes on them ALL THE TIME.  So instead I picked Lorillard.  With the discreetness that they can operate from underneath the other two tobacco leviathans and the acquisition of the Blu brand of e-cigs, I can’t wait to see how this one does.  Oh yeah, that dividend is a great safety net too!

3. American Eagle
Ticker Symbol: AEO
Bought: $13.64
Sell Target: $21-25
Why did I buy this?  Purely for the dividend if you want the truth.  I finished high school a minute ago and I never really cared for the overpriced clothing stores.  But if I ever had to choose between American Eagle, Abercrombie and Hollister, the Eagle always won.

These are the first couple studs in my stable of 2014 stocks.  I can’t wait to see how these turn out.  I believe my targets are manageable and now I just have to wait and see where they go.  Be sure to check out Part 2 here!


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